Need a company logo? Starting with a sketch all the way to the finished graphic I`ll design what You need


I`ll design custom product for Your company.


You need to make Your wall look cool? Let me design a print with Your favorite car that can be printed on a high quality paper, canvas, glass, wood or even leather.

Graphic design/T-shirt

Custom one of a kind designs for You and Your company of posters, t-shirts, leather goods and many more


Building a custom car is not easy. If You own a car and want to customise it and don`t know how let me show You how it can look like after finish. I`ll design bodywork changes, interior, show You how it will look on different set of wheels  and new colors. Design comes with color illustrations with description of what was changed, what materials and what finish and a help during a build.


Building a motorcycle? Let me design and illustrate how it will look after is ready. That will help You decide many things before You wil start working.

Upholstery design

Interior is the part of the car You see almost all the time driving Yor car. New deigned upholstery will give You individual look that will make the interior look great.


 Modern cars require a slightly different approach than the classics and custom bodykits will change the overall look of the car